Adhering styrene to ABS

Neil M. and Mike Rice


Here is a customer request to test adhesion of styrene to ABS and Mike's testing procedures and results:


I am sending you 2 samples of both Evergreen and Plastruct today in the mail…….Let me know how they glue together…

If this works, it could be a great find for many modelers working with both products…And, I belong to a number of modeling groups that would LOVE to get their hands on something that works with both brands of styrene….

Neal M.


Dear Neil,

I would like to inform you that after test bonding the Evergreen styrene strips to Plastruct angle plastic you sent to me, I observed the following:

1. Bonded both Evergreen styrene and Plastruct substrates to each other at an average mean shop temperature of 68 Degrees F. within 9 seconds on first application and 7 seconds on the second bond time.

2. Observed no disfiguration what so ever with the two substrates. No Blast accelerant was used in bonding all substrates, only Dr. Mike’s Glue.

3. Within 3 minutes, cannot pull, peel or even twist them apart and could continue to build your projects without any problems with delaminating the bonded pieces.

4. Next day after 17 hours, broke the styrene while trying to break it free from angle Plastruct. Great Bond …

5. Evergreen white strips you sent bonded to each other within 14 seconds as the same aforementioned temperatures mentioned in # 1. 

         5a. Same results as # 2, 3.

            5b. Styrene departed bonded to each other but, it took a lot of pressure to do so and more than needed. Under builder conditions with longer spans, say on overhead bridges and overpasses, I feel stryrene to styrene is no match for Dr. Mike’s and would hold great.  And using our accelerant would definitely do the trick much faster as most builders know in a shorter time within seconds.

6. Went another step and did a twisted break off with the angled plastic Plastruct ABS and overlapped the angled two pieces after adding Dr. Mike's glue.  Wow, I believe a faster bond than styrene.  Will check on the overlapped glued angled Plastruct ABS to Plastruct ABS substrates when I get back here from Greenberg Train show on Monday.

Sincerely & Happy New Year to All,

Mike Rice