I am really impressed!

by Jim L.


Dear Dr. Mike:

I have made a point of collecting several different brands of super glue, more as a compulsion than anything else, but in this case it really paid off. Working on a simple little model of a motorcycle, I needed to close two very small gaps (1/16 inch or probably less) in the base (bottom) of the frame. Because of the way the model was manufactured, there was a little bit of springiness that would tend to pull these gaps apart. I prepared the two sides of the plastic in each gap by simply passing an emery board through several times, which for sure was excellent. Then it was just a matter of trying some cyanoacrylate products. First I tried Zap Gel, which is what I've been using recently. I kept it under pressure much longer than they recommended, but the very second I released it, the two gaps pulled apart like there was no adhesive at all. Then I tried Model Master's product: even worse, if that's possible. (Each time I changed brand, I cleaned the gaps with the emery board again.) Then I just rummaged in a bin and found Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue and tried it for the first time. At first I had little confidence because the product has such a low, almost watery viscosity. I decided to use a hair dryer that I keep handy at my workbench for drying acrylic paints to make your product dry faster. I put it on medium temperature and full power and kept in up for 60 seconds. Wow! I am really impressed! Your product worked fantastically well. A very small, easy to fix problem that came from the watery consistency is that  the product ran a tiny trickle down the side and when I pulled my vinyl glove away, it pulled off some of the paint. I only started putting on gloves before using super glue fairly recently, so I gave a small prayer of gratitude that I had them on this time!

I don't remember where I bought your product (I'm in the Tacoma/Seattle area) but I have a friend who owns a hobby shop and I'm definitely going to recommend that he start stocking your brand.

Thanks for being such a good chemist and keep up the good work!

With warmest regards,

Jim L.