this stuff is positively amazing

by mmaglario on Atlas Model Railroad Co forums


Have you guys tried this stuff?

As I've posted before, I am a long-time ACC glue hater. I've tried all the "zap a" whatever, plus various store brands, cheap dept store tubes, all sorts of this stuff. I have always found it to make weak bonds that snap off if they are subjected to any shock whatsoever. It's been "okay" for gluing details to a loco body as along as they are firmly inserted into a hole, but other than that, I avoid it.

At a train show a few months ago, I stopped at a booth selling Dr. Mike's Model 'n Crafter's Glue

They claim it's extra pure, and that it can bond anything, EVEN DELRIN. They showed me some delrin and other plastic samples glued together, so I decided to take a leap. It isn't exactly cheap - $12 for a half-ounce bottle.

Well, I've been trying it out, and this stuff is positively amazing. It really does bond even plastic, and I can rap it, twist it, and the bond holds. Any other ACC I've tried would just snap right off.

Right now, I'm using it on one of TrainCat2's brass high tension tower kits. I was going to solder it all because I would never trust ACC to hold. But it's really doing the job. It's gap-filling, but flows well. It dries fast, but not "too" fast. It's working great on the brass.

Harrumph! I can't wait for a slippery delrin truck sideframe to snap off a loco now, so I can try it on that.

-- Max